Drink Less Feel More

Transform Your Relationship With Alcohol in 6 Week


Live Group Coaching and Hypnotherapy Workshops -*

Transformation Through

6 weeks to cultivate new beliefs 

Our programme helps women unravel their false desires and  subconscious beliefs around alcohol and explore a deeper side of themselves using self-care and grounding practices so they can take back control of their drinking habits

Coaching Hypnotherapy

Enjoy six live weekly coaching and group meditative hypnosis sessions with like-minded, inspiring women.

Sisterhood of Connection

This programme is for high-functioning women who feel alcohol is not working for them anymore, and wreaking havoc on their sensual desires. Are you ready to break the overdrinking habit and make a positive change in your life.

Our programme inspires and empowers women to find freedom from alcohol, and step into their most sensual selves, so they can take back control of their mental and sexual wellbeing.

There's a path to drinking consciously, where women stuck in an unhealthy relationship with alcohol can embrace true pleasure without the co-dependence. 

That path is  learning and implementing the practices, needed to not rely on alcohol, this will take them from frustration to total fulfilment

"Robyn has guided me through my anxiety, my insecurity, and over-drinking issues. She has helped to question my deeply entrenched negative thoughts, and to make positive changes to my life. I trust her implicitly."

Hannah .L.

"Robyn has changed my mindset towards drink. I am now proud to adhere to the whole approach she proposed. It gives me pleasure to measure when and how little I allow myself to drink alcohol. My new self-control is her gift.”

Patrick .D

"Robyn's programme is transformational. She is powerful, calming and skilled and this is absolutely her life calling. She picks up on the root of your emotional struggles very quickly and gets to work. This program can change every aspect of your life and health."

Tami . O

Drink Less - Feel More

The 6-week online course enables you to change your relationship and your dependence on alcohol for pleasure, in an empowered way. It is a deep dive into what happens mentally and emotionally when you have tried to reduce your drinking, but can't escape the alcohol loop.

Finally, you can embrace pleasure without alcohol!

6-Week Reset Course


Top features

  • Seven weeks access
  • Weekly group coaching sessions
  • Weekly group meditative hypnosis
  • Exercises and worksheets to support you on this journey
  • Private online community



When 6 o'clock hit I would reach for that glass of wine as a way to unwind, soothe and reward myself for getting through the day. But the problem was, I would never stop at one.

I knew this behaviour wasn't serving me. I felt so stuck in this cycle of promising myself I would drink less, and then beating myself up for breaking my promise.

Then I learned there was nothing wrong with me, I was just like so many other women using my relationship with alcohol as a way to buffer away my problems.

So through research and years of experience as a therapist and coach, I applied my proven methodology, and it worked.

I now help women from all over the world to completely transform their relationship with alcohol, and form healthy, loving connections to themselves.

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